Monday, June 28, 2010

We've got the Key To The City!

Creative Time is sponsoring a public art project called Key To The City. Carrie (above) helped us fill out our ceremonial statements so that we could bestow keys upon each other.

Our first stop was Bryant Park, a great little oasis of green in midtown NYC. We found several key holders intermittently illuminating a park lamp.
The lock box was jam packed with notes and trinkets from fellow key holders.
Then it was on to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the last day of their participation in the Key To The City project. A stately gentleman presented us with the last remaining two passes to the museum inside a music box that played New York, New York. We offered our passes to the next key holder since we come to the museum regularly. Having done this, we became the second-to-last Key To The City visitors to the Met! Yay.
More Key To The City pictures to come.


  1. Did you do this today? It said the last day for the MET is the 27th. Do they still have it out?


  2. NY is awesome. You gots pianos on the streets, keys to museums… all I gots is banana slugs.

  3. Koren just played the piano near the Dana Center this morning. It was surprisingly in tune.