Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chupacabra Tacos grilled to perfection!

These tacos were delicious! O.K., so they weren't chupacabra tacos, but they were from a place called Cascabel Taqueria where the decor is all about Mexican wrestling. Our favorite was the mother/daughter tag team, but there are so many to choose your own favorite from.

The corn (on the right) is slathered in butter and/or mayo to make the queso cheese stick then powdered with cumin and paprika. The guacamole is scrumptious and the portions and prices are just right even for folks on a budget. They're no more expensive than Chipotle (which is no longer owned by McDonald's), and they're fresh, new, different, and tasty. As for the decor, I've got to say that Mexican wrestlers are so much more soothing than plywood and aluminum decorations, so that's another reason to spend your pesos at Cascabel.

Don't expect to get a table on a hot summer night though. This tiny place is mad busy. Get your tacos to go.

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