Monday, September 6, 2010

Fire the Lazzzzor! @ NYC Resistor

Learn how to cut and etch with a CO2 laser. Burn your grandma a doily. Make your parents a customized picture frame with you in it (photoshop out the beer bottles first). Make a jewelry box for yourself or someone you like. Etch a plaque that says "You are the best!" The possibilities are huge.

Want to make something sweet for Etsy but can't cut a straight line? The laser can help!
NYC Resistor is hosting a Laser Class on Saturday, September 11 at 1pm. You'll learn what you can and shouldn't cut, what programs and file formats work best for your original drawings, photos and illustrations, and -- best of all -- you'll get to fire the laser and make something cool.

Bring a laptop and your imagination.

Sign up here: