about us

Artist Herbert Hoover began casting "lost crackers" after discovering that he could burn organic material out of an investment mold just like "lost wax" is burnt out before making jewelry. 

This exploration of the saltine lead to creating other life-sized snack food sculptures. One collector commissioned small-scale silver charms of the most popular snack foods in silver. Another commissioned gold pretzel cufflinks and studs.

POTUS31.com came about because Mr. Hoover's accountant advised him not to put his own name on his art works or company, so he chose the acronym puzzle POTUS31 -- President Of The United States, and the 31st president, of course, was Herbert Hoover.

POTUS31 jewelry is made in Harlem and brings an urban flavor to classic American Icons - from snack food like the saltine cracker, pretzels and ice cream sandwiches to the hand from the statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center.

The POTUS31 line is carried in hip Madison Avenue boutiques and museum stores and has been featured in Elle, ABCNews, and The New York Times.