Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This land is your trash. This land is my trash. To the New York island #art

I went to the Staten Island land fill, you know, the largest dump on earth. For 50ish years we New Yorkers sent all our refuse there. Some of mine is there too. They're in the process of reclaiming it at $1 million per acre! They've renamed it Freshkills Park. All the garbage is still degassing. They're able to sell the gas-off as energy to ConEd -- but certainly not enough to pay for all the acreage development. The irony is that one day people will be picnicing mere feet from strata made of black and white TVs, bed frames, and filing cabinets.

When you threw something away this is where away was. Now our junk is put onto a train and sent to South Carolina. The little yellow front end loader is for scale. These cyan hoes are giants!

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