Monday, August 17, 2009

Magic Hat sends their love for Pewter Saltines

To all the rock star fans
Written by Steve the Voice
Monday, 03 March 2008
So, you must already know that great stuff comes out of Magic Hat...I'm talking about beer here people. But, I think what some folks don't realize-what they don't get to see-is that there's some pretty rad stuff that comes back to us, too.

Daily I receive letters filled with adoration and experiences, thank you notes, pictures of families and pets, maps, collages, drawings, top 10 lists, stickers...someone even sent me a ring once. The coolest package of late, however, was sent to me by a man named Herbert Hoover as a thank you. I got it in the mail today, a small white bubble-wrap mailer, black sharpie writing on the front, addressed to me.

"Hey Meech, Thanks for the goodies! Best, Herb." That's what the note said and along with it was a pewter cracker. Yes, a pewter cracker. It's actually very realistic and apparently there's a huge following of Herb's work (which you can check out at and the more and more I look at it, the more I grow to like it.

Herb and I spoke on the phone before this cracker ever entered my life and we discussed our respective names and how people either questioned our "truthiness" (to quote Colbert) or completely fumbled the pronunciation. Regardless, I thought he was nice so I sent him an extra gift with the shirt he won and this is what I received in return.

Point of the story: Magic Hat fans rock. You all completely rule and show us nothing but devotion and love and, what more could we ask for? For all those folks who've taken the time to write a note, send a gift, e-mail feedback, vote in our contests, read our newsletter, come to our events, spread the word, and just think warm thoughts...THANK YOU!!!!

If you have cool stuff to share, feel free to mail it to us and perhaps your goodies will be shown on our site.

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