Saturday, June 26, 2010

Girl Survives Moose Attack Thanks to Cracker

Moose attacks are big news this week as a boy from Norway uses valuable lessons learned from gaming to save his sister and himself from an angry moose. (Boy Survives Moose Attack Thanks To World Of Warcraft)
    The boy has won the gratitude of children around the world who are still trying to counteract the negative parental effects of the Video Games Probably Make Kids Dumber Study. I can hear the pleading now: I may be dumber, but I will be able to save little Isabella from a moose (Isabella is the most popular name for girls in New York State in 2009, and the probable name of most little sisters).
    Fear not POTUS fans, this collector tamed her moose with a pewter cracker.
    If you don't have a pewter cracker on you (or aren't as cracked in the head as this collector), you can try these much more successful survival tactics helpfully provided by Glacier National Park - which will also tell you what wolves eat (does the list start with kids who play lots of World of Warcraft?)

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