Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Apple BBQ was smokin!

Pig out at the Big Apple BBQ! What an amazing event. Can't wait 'til next year.
These ribs were really tasty. They made them just right. No sweet or spicy to hide the meat. The smoked pork flavor was front and center done right.

These guys do a whole hog that's delicious. They have 8 rental smokers with trailer hitches. Never thought of renting one before, but seems like something smart for a big gathering or event.
There was a palette of charcoal briquettes next to this. There were about 4 bags left on Sunday at 2PM. The guys next to them ran out of ribs with 4 hours left to go in the Big Apple BBQ. They sold everything they had expected to sell, I guess.

The surprise ribs came from Joe Duncan at Baker's Ribs in Dallas. I think the group was new to the event because they were off to the side, like a side show at the Big Top. I had a moment with their ribs sort of like when you're eating an ice cream cone and the world just fades into the background for a few minutes.
Pit Master and guest pose for a snap on the smoking rig.

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