Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NYC Resistor laser is great for cutting boxes!

I learned how to use the lazer at NYC Resistor to cut boxes this past Saturday. I received a treat in December in a small pizza box, and thought it could work well as a bracelet package. So, I set out to make a 5" version of that box. Now I can cut them with the lazer in 1.25 minutes! That's a lot faster than me cutting them by hand in about 10 minutes each. (I made about 20 of these boxes for Christmas so you can see that 25 minutes vs 3 and a half hours is a big savings. The phone is for scale.


  1. How did you design the plans for this box?

    1. I measured a full-sized pizza box and drew it in Illustrator. The file is on thingiverse here: