Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pizza at Lombardi's

Lombardi's is one of four coal fired pizza ovens in New York City. New coal ovens were outlawed, so only the folks who have stayed in business are allowed to keep their operations going with coal. Sadly, we lost a great baker, A. Zito & Sons, on Bleeker Street due to the high price of coal. As you can see on the tiles, this oven was built in 1905. Lombardi was the first to open a Pizzeria in America.

I'm always skeptical of restaurants that have a line because you could eat at every restaurant in Manhattan for every meal of your life and never have to eat at the same place twice. Having said that, I would gladly que up at Lombardi's again, or perhaps go at a less busy time.

The pizza is wonderful and tasty. It's a little bit chewy on the inside, with a crisp outer crust. it's cooked in an oven that's hotter than most home ovens. The sauce is sweet without being sugary. The cheese is a lovely fresh mozzarella. They sprinkled fresh shredded basil on it for color and flavor. We got a small half pepperoni pie for two. We could have eaten a big one, but we might have been sick afterwards. We would have tried anyway.

Lombardi's is at 32 Spring Street, about a block from the Spring Street 6 subway.

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